Friday, 23 October 2015

bukan la doctor. Mau pergi uruskan wasiat.

Seorg uncle, Chinese. Lung cancer stage 4. Dan sedang menjalani rawatan chemotherapy di tempat kerja saya.

Har itu Dia dtg utk appt. Mcm biasa sebelum chemotherapy dia Kena buat blood test utk memeriksa fungsi hati Dan kidney.

Result darah balik menunjukkan kidney function kurang memuaskan. Doctor beritahu uncle chemotherapy Kena postponed and Dia Kena admit wad utk hydration ( masuk drip).

Uncle   : doctor masuk wad lama kah?
Doctor : susah mau cakap la uncle, nanti kita masuk drip, lepas Tu check balik darah uncle, Kalau ok then boleh balik.

Uncle   : Aiyo doctor. Satu hari saje boleh tak? Sy mau outstation Lusa.
Saya     : uncle mau pergi mana?
Uncle   : Sy sama anak mau pergi melaka.

Doctor : wah best nyer uncle pergi jalan2.
Uncle : haha, bukan la doctor. Mau pergi uruskan wasiat.

Doctor and saya : ooh...

Uncle : haha tak pa la, Sy pun tau Sy x lama Sudah boleh hidup. Skrg Kena cepat settle itu rumah kasi anak Saya. Ok doctor Sy tunggu masuk wad.Thank you doctor thank you missy.

Sama sama uncle Yg positive and tough =)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

my baby boy

Assalamualaykum and good morning to everyone.

Dah teramat sgt lama x update my blog ( ok harini guna bahasa ya sb dh kena tegur English tidak bagus , ahakkss)

yealar kan, dulu belum ada anak boleh buka laptop bila-bila masa, boleh duduk depan laptop berjam-jam nak tulis blog… sekarang nak minta masa tidur lama sikit pun susah. Haha

blog harini nak sharing tentang anak saya. Haha

xxxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxxxx

Syukur kepada Ilahi saya telah selamat bersalin pada  12.07 tgh hari,  9 june 2015 di Hospital Selayang.

Progress bersalin agak cepat dan proses bersalin juga lancar. Saya sempat ambil sekali injection pethidine untuk tahan sakit.. haha tapi sebenarnyer saya cuma rasa mengantuk dan sakit tu tetap dapat dirasa.

Syukur Alhamdulillah masa dalam labour room doctor dan nurses sangat membantu.  Mereka banyak mengajar and memberi arahan supaya saya boleh meneran dengan cara yang betul.  Sempat juga doctor guna alat vacuum sekejap sebab saya tak berapa pandai teran.  Tapi end up doctor give up vacuum and suruh saya guna own effort untuk keluarkan babe.

Alhamdulillah saya dan Zuhair telah dikurniakan seorang bayi lelaki yang comel dan sihat, dengan birth weight 3.56kg.

few hours lepas keluar from labour room...

ni one month+

dah pandai senyum =)

latest photo.... my precious son =D

Two more days then zahin officially a four month old babe.

kepada anakku Zahin, semoga menjadi insan yang taat kepada perintah Allah.  Sentiasa ingati ajaran Allah dan jadikan Rasullah sebagai contoh dalam kehidupan. Semoga menjadi insan yang beriman dan bertaqwa.  Selalu sayang dan hormati ibu dan bapa.  Mama berdoa agar Zahin sentiasa sihat dan berjaya dalam dunia yang bakal Zahin hadapi, kerana dunia ni lah ujian untuk kami semua.

Mama dan papa sentiasa sayang Zahin.

Sekian sharing saya. Have a nice day.

Lots of love,
Sophea Ng , .

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A kick start of 2015!

Assalamualaykum and good morning to all.

Finally a new blog for 2015, haha.
I just went back to my hometown to celebrate Lunar new year with my beloved family.
The year of GOAT

mmmiieehhhhhh~~ haha

we had our makan besar ( reunion dinner larr) at shabu-shabu ipoh. \
Ok lets see some photos here =D

all of us ( except my elder sister... she x dpt cuti ~~)
with mum and sis =)

my hubby =)

ho chak!!

wishing everyone who are celebrating Chinese new year --------->
Everything also very GOAT GOAT arr!

And also….
My husband and I just came back from a 3D ultrasound scan session of our first babe at klinik keluarga Dahlia Selayang. Hehe

Alhamdulillah according to the scan everything is normal and…… Insya Allah IS A BOY!!

a very small dot there =)

8 weeks old.

and this is the latest photo of our babe =D

Super duper excited  ^o^

Hopefully everything goes fine and smooth with Allah’s will.

Once again , wishing all my friends Gong Xi Fatt Chai and happy new year !

Lots of love.
Sophea Ng , 佩琼.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Finally.... the day!

Assalamualaykum and good evening to everyone.

Alhamdulillah finally settled my walimah with my husband two days ago.

Thanks to our family members who attended and help us a lot in welcoming the guests and make sure everything go smooth during the event. 
Also many many thanks to our friends who attended and send us the blessings and wishes. 

And also not forgetting our smart best man MR HASMADI WAHID and pretty bride’s maid MS NAELLAH NARAJI,
thanks to our catering crews for helping us with pretty hall decorations and tasty food, the make up artist who turn me to be a pretty bride, the pa system man who played nice songs and many many more people who put in their effort in helping us. 
BIG THANKS to u guys =)

These are some photos during the walimatul urus.
siblings and me =)
with my both dad and mum <3

my both side family =D
with Mr Faresh.
 very nice and great person who always shared knowledge with us.

hmm... look at there! haha

excited seeing this three layers cake! wuahhh~

my brother with my father in law =)

with the handsome best man and lovely bride's maid <3

hubby being interviewed by press... lolzz artist gitewww

my family... so glad they were here!

selfie before our outdoor photography session.

our doorgift pack.  the chinese word represent wedding happiness =)
my pretty friend jien may... thanks for coming!

my friends from IPR =)

my handsome husband and me.. ahakkssss XD

And yea, I guess lots people would like to know how come the metro press came during my reception.

Is actually all happened without purposely plan. 
 About one week plus before the reception, I read a message in my fb “OTHERS” inbox.  
it is a message from Mr dafi who work in metro press and he would like to interview my family and me rgd the chinese name issue.  
I asked my both side family and they both agreed. 
So my husband and I both think why not just invite Mr dafi to came during my reception. 
And so the metro press came on that day. 

Thanks to Mr dafi for the coverage and interview.  

So for those who commented me saying im looking for poularity…. Hmm so sorry im not. 
Haha, im not artist larr, just an ordinary person who would like to share my happiness to all.  
But anyway , I received all good and bad comments positively. =)

And so , I guess the maintain chinese name thing is no more an issue.  
Anyhow, All praise to Allah that my mum can completely accept me now…. 
And tht would be the best thing in my life…. Ever.

Im so excited waiting for our full wedding album soon... XD

thanks for reading! Hv a nice day Insya Allah.

Lots of love.
Sophea Ng , 佩琼。

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

hehe... save the date!

Assalamualaykum and good evening to everyone =)
Haha…. Just want to announce that…. Im officially someone’s wife now!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alhamdulillah, i “di-ijabkabul-kan” in a lovely evening on 25th of Jun 2014.

it was a very simple nikah ceremony, quite last minute appointment with the ustaz ( which is also my wali Raja), and held in Pejabat Agama Kuang .

because it is really very last minute appt , so my family members are unable to attend #sad...T.T
but they do send their blessing to me =)
but guess what.... my bff in my hostel came for my nikah ceremony!! #touched~

selfie with my leng leng bff  <3

so Alhamdulillah , syukur to Allah for His mercy, everything go smooth on that day.

Ustaz,  checking all the documents.
with one lafaz , finally dh halal =)

then on the friday, we went back to my hometown to meet my family =) haha

my bro. just back from plkn with his botak head! haha

my mum =)


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

insya Allah, a simple wedding reception will be held on 27th of Sept 2014. #save the date!!!

Everything still in progress but hopefully all goes well with Allah's will.  i will distribute the invitation card later insya Allah ( not yet print also! haha )

and also not forget, many many thanks from me and zuhair to those who send us their blessings and wishes. Only Allah can reward you guys. <3

oh btw , zuhair is my husband. hahaha

Happiness is when you found the right person to be your life partner. Hope our relationship will last till Jannah.  And together we seek for guidance from Allah and learn to be a better servant. Insya Allah.  <3

Last but not least , to all mosleem, happy fasting in this holy Ramadhan!

Lots of love.
Sophea Ng , 佩琼。

Saturday, 21 June 2014

"no title" hehe

Assalamualaykum to all of you =)

late update rgd my blog.. haha was busy for the nurse's day celebration in my working place.
okay, this blog --- my mum and sista in the house!

haha, they came to visit me in kl two weeks ago.
just some photos that i would like to share * peace yo*

my sister, busy fb-ing

my mummy <3 LOL

Q-ing , entrance of Aquaria~

my mum ,  muka "skema"

she likes those toys so much! hahaha

im waiting my sis in fitting room *wink* hehe


i dunno who teach my mummy to post like this =P ahakkasssss

thats all... just a simple sharing rgd my lovely mum and me. my mummy, my forever love <3

Oh Allah, may You grant my mum happiness and good health always.

Lots of love.
Sophea Ng, 佩琼。

Sunday, 20 April 2014

the best moment in life.... Alhamdulillah!

Assalamualaykum to all =)

my feelings right now…. Im VERY VERY happyyyyyyyyyy

because today, finally……… the very first time I wear hijab in front my parents!!

I went to visit my bro in PLKN Kem located in Sungkai.  I go from KL and my parents go from my hometown.  Then we both meet in my bro PLKN training place.

"Ya Allah, may You ease everything and open my mum’s heart to accept me in hijab. Ameen."
I made my doa while im on my way.

and I met them in the dewan makan of the camp.

with parents and bro~
haha, i duno why my bro smile like that..

mummy is trying to stop laughing~ hahahahaha
siblings... look alike? hehe
selfie with mum and bro =P

skema nyerrrrr =D

haha... i feel myself younger standing beside him~ lalalala

finally… no more artificial hijab~~

I don’t know what words I can use to express my feelings.
but im really syukur with everthing that happened today.
Again, Alhamdulillah… Thanks to Allah for Your endless blessing.

Allah says in the Quran: 
“And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah” [al-Nahl 16:53].

p/s : and also thanks to the special one who accompanied me all the way from kl to the camp.. thanks yo, May God rewards your effort in helping me.  =)

have a nice day ~~

Sophea Ng , 佩琼。